Tuesday, April 24, 2018

I Don’t See This Ending Well

A girlfriend of mine recently told me that her son was being bullied at school.  Today, she announced on Facebook that she will be homeschooling him, which is an understandable reaction, except that she both misspelled “homeschooling” and capitalized “Son” in the middle of the sentence.  I don’t mean to be unkind, I really don’t, but given that the kid is in elementary school, I hope she is either going to use a textbook or some sort of online resource to teach him Language Arts.  And much more importantly, how awful is it that a kid in this age of bullying laws could still be harassed so badly at school that his mother feels it necessary to pull him completely out of school??

Monday, April 16, 2018


We found out last night that the pink socks of ferociousness came through yet again for Petunia.  She made the soccer team that the player development coach of our current club recommended that she look at. (See this post)  Since we don’t know much about the team other than that it comes recommended by a man whom we trust and respect, we’ve requested permission to bring her to a practice of theirs before we make a decision.  We shall see.  She had two games yesterday, one with each of the two teams for which she currently plays, and had excellent games in both, so it seems that things are starting to come together for her.  The difficulty will be choosing what is best for her, bearing in mind that the major objectives are that she have fun and play on a competitive team that will allow her to grow her skills, in that order.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Way More Than Just A Little Help

Himself is out of town again. Murphy’s Law being what it is, my kids have four soccer games between them today, in three different places. And in cold rain, too. Ugh.

I needed help getting Thing One from point A to point B for his game and put out an email message to his team last night to see if anyone could give him a ride. I got SIX responses, including several from people who would have to drive significantly out of their way to do it but offered anyway because they are kind souls.  I love this team. He’s staying on it as long as they’ll have him.

Whomever said that it takes a village to raise a child clearly had kids who are travel athletes. Boy, am I grateful for my village!!

Friday, April 13, 2018

Pink And Proud

My daughter has a screaming pink pair of soccer socks that she wears when she wants to inspire herself to play especially well.  She calls them the “pink socks of ferociousness.”  I love that kid.

She’s had some soccer drama surrounding her lately, mostly centered on trying to figure out where she should play next year.  (It’s tryout season again, meaning that teams are being chosen for fall 2018/spring 2019.)  To make a very long story short in an attempt not to bore you all to tears, she’s currently playing on two teams, one her own age and one a year up, but neither for various reasons is the best fit for her.  We’ve been looking at other area teams in her age group, even though that would involve her moving to a different club.  Right now all three of my kids play for the same club and we like it a lot as an organization, so that’s not ideal.

We had her try out at a couple of the clubs and subsequently found ourselves in a position where we really needed some guidance.  I called the director of player development at the current club, whom I know well, and explained the situation.  While he *really* doesn’t want her to go, he understands our thought process.  Over the course of a twenty-minute conversation, he outlined what he thought should happen with her if she stays and told us that in his opinion one of the other clubs we were looking at was a good call and that the second should be removed from consideration immediately.  Then, to his unending credit, he told us that we should also look at a team we hadn’t even considered, at which a man he knows personally coaches her age group at a high level.  He subsequently called the guy and said we were coming to the next tryout and to keep an eye out for her.

Last night, Petunia donned the pink socks of ferociousness and we went to check out this newly recommended club.  We haven’t heard anything official yet and won’t till Sunday, but our back channel suggests that she will likely receive an offer for their top team.  There isn’t a rush to settle this and we have some time, but I’m so proud of my girl that I could pop.  Not because she (supposedly) made the team, but because she’s a fierce and brave little soul who will charge headlong into a tryout full of total strangers on two days’ notice, armed only with pink socks!

Oh, and I can’t say enough good things about our player development guy either.  His willingness to go the extra mile (or hundred) to get her on the right team for her even though it might mean she ends up playing for another club speaks volumes about his integrity and how much he cares about the kids.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

That Venus And Mars Thing

Sometimes I am strongly reminded that male and female brains work very differently. Yesterday was one of those days.

As a male friend and I were pulling into a parking spot at a convenience store, a woman came out of the store and got into the car in the adjacent spot.  She was too close for both of us not to register her presence. She was a larger woman with a very unusual hairstyle and a ring in her nose, all of which I noted casually to myself as she walked by.  The only thing my friend noticed was that she was wearing a Penguins sweatshirt!  He is a big hockey fan and hates Pittsburgh because Crosby is a punk.

XX versus XY for you in a nutshell, ladies and gents.

Saturday, April 7, 2018


I believe I mentioned here recently that one of my (more tongue-in-cheek) goals in life is not to fit any of the conventional stereotypes.  To that end, I have recently taken up knitting since it SO would not ordinarily go along with my black belt in taekwondo and semi-extreme geocaching habit.  Gives me something to do with my hands other than mindlessly surf the Net, too, and I like crafty stuff.  Win-win.

The needle variety of knitting seems more complicated than I am ready to handle without personal assistance, but I bought a set of those round plastic loom things on a whim a couple of weeks ago.  With the help of the accompanying booklet and a few YouTube videos, I am happy to say that I have so far successfully managed to produce one scarf, four hats and three double-takes from friends.  :)

finished scarf

close-up of end of scarf

beginning of hat on loom

middle of hat on loom, brim complete at bottom

four completed hats, two brim styles. top left hat has two different-colored strands of wool woven in, top right hat switched between two colors  

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Another Planet Heard From

Or at least part of this one that is far, far away.

Walked into my laundry room to run a load of wash today and discovered this on the floor between the washer and dryer.

In case you can't see it clearly, it's an Aruban 10-cent piece.   We've never been to Aruba.  Somewhere, an alien is is either laughing at my confusion or annoyed that it dropped a coin into a wormhole.

And if there IS a wormhole in my laundry room, that would explain a lot about all the missing socks. Maybe the aliens have them.  :)

I Don’t See This Ending Well

A girlfriend of mine recently told me that her son was being bullied at school.  Today, she announced on Facebook that she will be homeschoo...