Saturday, October 25, 2014

One Way Or Another

Friends of ours had a big Halloween party at their house this afternoon, complete with a giant inflatable slide for the kids, a crazy haunted house in the basement (the husband is a movie cameraman--the behind-the-scenes tour was scary enough for me!), a costume contest, and a cake walk.  Guests were asked to bring a treat for the cake walk and I baked a caramel apple cake.  Thing One saw it cooling on the counter last night when he came home from the dance and was *very* annoyed that it was for the party and not our family.

Not to be deterred, he entered the cake walk at the party, and when he won the chance to choose from a table that was absolutely groaning with treats of every sort, he picked my cake and proudly carried it back to our car!  One determined boy right there...cracked me up.



  1. And a fie tribute to Mama's home cooking! Is Himself back from the endess business trip yet?

  2. Himself is FINALLY back, thank heavens. He got home about 4PM yesterday. Good thing too, since we have three soccer games today...the madness never ends. :) And yes, the cake choice was about the highest compliment I'm ever going to get from an eleven year-old boy!!


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