Thursday, July 16, 2015

Things I Do Not Get

The gym to which I belong recently installed lockers in the hallways.  Each one has a built-in combination lock which can easily be set by each individual user for each use.  Very handy for purses, coats, etc that you don't feel like either leaving in the hallway or taking into an exercise classroom with you.  The lockers get a lot of use.


Nobody actually LOCKS them.

They open the door, put their belongings inside, close the door, and leave.  How many times have I opened an unlocked locker only to find it full of stuff?   Many, many times.  This in itself is not a big deal and I can usually find an empty one eventually.  The part I don't understand is why any rational human being would choose to put her (and it is generally her) purse into an unlocked locker (which she could easily CHOOSE to lock, but doesn't) and then walk away from it for an hour plus!

Entitlement?  Obliviousness?  General idiocy?  Hell itself would freeze over before I would leave my purse unattended and unsecured for any length of time (the thought of having to go through all the bureaucratic aggravation involved in replacing the driver's license, credit cards, etc alone gives me palpitations.)  A thief would have a field day at this gym and I frankly can't believe that it hasn't happened already.  Maybe it's just a reflection of the fact that I live in a generally safe, relatively wealthy area, so people just aren't thinking about the potential for crime all around them, but wow.  Just wow.  Call me a cynic, but maybe common sense really isn't that common?


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  1. I probably wouldn't lock it, assuming nobody at the dojo is a thief. I leave my purse unattended a lot. The only time anything has happened was in a nearly abandoned Hawaii airport and I probably was so tired I accidentally threw my purse in the garbage with lunch. I guess my thought is that my purse can be taken from me at any time - I walk around in a lot of high-crime areas with muggings and such, and I've been in a lot of places where things that should have been safe were not [stolen by co-workers from locked facilities], so in general I try not to carry anything irreplaceable - and so if I'm in a pretty secure place I don't put as much thought into it.


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