Sunday, August 16, 2015

Out Of Curiosity...

I should be ashamed to admit this, but it's the truth: I'd been using my new iPhone for a good month before I noticed that the voicemail feature hadn't been set up.  Really.  One quick trip to the AT&T store and it was taken care of, but you'd think I might have figured that out earlier.

I love love love my phone.  It's in my hand a lot (far too much, if you ask Himself.)  However, it is very rarely used AS a phone, which of course explains why I didn't notice the voicemail thing for so long.  By my reckoning, talking on it comes in a solid sixth in the ranking of my potential uses, behind the following, which are listed more or less in order.

1) using its GPS capabilities for geocaching
2) using it to navigate while driving
3) texting
4) emailing
5) surfing the Web

So, I have to ask: If you have a smartphone, do YOU actually use it primarily as a phone??  If not, what do you use it for most often?  Wondering if it's just me for whom the phone function is almost incidental now!


  1. 1. Email
    2. Facebook (and FB messaging)
    3. Navigation
    4. Texting
    5. Google searching
    6. Camera
    7. Alarm Clock
    8. Doorstop

    37. Telephone

  2. I forgot the camera...takes phone down to a solid 7th. :) Glad it isn't just me!!!

    1. It's so crazy because we've adapted so quickly, and I dont' consider myself tech savvy at all. I remember sitting around in 2006 or 2007 and a friend talking about this new phone from Apple that would come out and do some of those things and I was like, "Whoa, I'll never need something like that."

      And part of me likes landline phones without answering machines, maps to get around, etc. And I've lived recently in places without the amenities available on the phone - I had a landline on the Island with a simple call-text-only phone that I rarely used. Quality of life. But I do like having fewer apparatuses, not worrying about also bringing along a camera and such.


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