Sunday, November 29, 2015

I Love My Nerdy Family

It's Sunday morning.  Himself and I have been sitting in the kitchen drinking our tea and coffee respectively and chatting for maybe half an hour, with the sounds of Petunia and Thing Two peacefully playing together in the basement for background accompaniment.  Thing One wanders into the kitchen, says good morning to us and then goes downstairs to join his siblings.  Not FIVE SECONDS later there is an uproar: "No!!  Leave that alone!! Go away!!  

Himself calls Thing One to the bottom of the basement stairs.  

H: "What are the three factors needed for an explosion?"
TO: "Fuel, oxygen and ignition."
H: "Don't be the ignition!"

I don't know what is going on with those two boys but they can't be anywhere near each other these days without all hell breaking loose immediately.  Half tempted to tell both of them to put on their protective taekwondo sparring gear and pitch them out into the backyard to work things out. Would be a reasonably fair fight and maybe they can ditch some of their excess testosterone that way!


  1. I wonder about the source of their tension. It's something you've brought up more than once, how they never really "click" the way Thing Two and Petunia do, or Thing One and his friends. I wonder if it's worth some therapy? Work through if there is some resentment about all the attention Thing Two got because of his needs or whatever it may be? Not that anybody has done anything wrong, but maybe a little professional help could smooth things out for the rest of their lives?

  2. Maybe so. Something to think about for sure. Thing One is very immature and Thing Two can be very annoying, so it's not exactly an ideal combination. :(


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