Tuesday, November 4, 2014

It's Official...

Three more years. The votes are in, and I have been reelected to our school board.  The results weren't close, for which I am both humbled and grateful.  Taking that as a vote of confidence going into term #2!  Never saw myself as the politico type (quite the reverse, actually), so it's odd to see my name on the same ballot as senatorial candidates' names and be vying for an elected office.  There's no personal power or glory in being on a school board but the opportunity to make a difference for the kids is front and center every day, and I'll proudly take my oath again come January.


  1. Mostly through word of mouth. It's a small town and people generally know (or know of) the candidates ahead of time, so there's not a lot of speechifyin' needed. There aren't even that many yard signs out. Candidates write letters to the editor of the local paper and that's usually it for the public forum end of things. In bigger towns around us the elections often get very contentious, but we've been spared that for the most part.

  2. Wow. That's a very different world from New Orleans! Much more sane. I was just wondering how you would have fit campaigning into your schedule - but if you were more just chatting folks up at soccer matches, that makes sense.

  3. There would be no easy way to fit 'real' campaigning in, but the soccer-field variety I can handle. The interesting thing is that I know most of the school community by now between having kids there for seven years and volunteering and room-parenting and coaching basketball and standing on soccer sidelines etc etc etc, but the majority of voters here are senior citizens, not my peers. I have a few key senior citizen friends and I can only surmise that they are putting a good word in for me.

    Other funny thing is that a friend who was just elected to our municipal governing body took a look at my election numbers and said he thought I should run for one of the other spots there next time. For that I really would have to campaign...good thing I'm more interested in the BOE anyway.


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