Friday, July 1, 2016


At one point over the weekend, my phone started beeping relentlessly.  Himself looked at me and sighed.  "The aikido girls are at it again?"  There are six of us, and when a group text string gets going I have to turn down the volume on my phone after a while.  

One of the girls is somewhat 'girlier' than the rest of us and loves clothes, makeup, jewelry, etc.  She somehow got her hands on a bunch of tester supplies for facials and decided that we all needed to stay after class one night this week and try them out.  The ladies' locker room at this place is actually very nice, and includes a lounge area with carpet, comfy sofas and a big coffee table.  After class, the five of us who could make it assembled downstairs in front of the mirrors, prepared to follow orders relating to face and lip scrubs, hair conditioners, and face masks.  

This was the result.  Don't I look just gorgeous??  (Ha.) 

Greasy hair, mask in place, paper 'cucumber slices' on eyes.  Not pictured: hysterical laughter or the prodigious amount of food on the coffee table in front of me.  

Group selfie!  Especially funny since none of us could see a thing from under the eye covers.  I did not ask their permission to put their photos on my blog but I'm not worried about that either, since I don't think their mothers would recognize them in this picture!  I showed it to Petunia and she commented that we all look like aliens.  Or zombies.  

Two of the girls celebrated birthdays recently, so we brought a small cake with us.  And juices.  And fruit, chocolate and nuts.  All of which were a challenge to eat while wearing the masks, let me just say.  Quite a celebration and SO much fun.  We left when the gym closed at 11 and then all still had to go home and shower, so it was a late night, especially for the woman who had to get up at 4AM the next day to take her son to swim practice!!  (Oh, how happy I am to have soccer players rather than swimmers or hockey players.)

I love my friends.  Wouldn't trade them for diamonds or rubies.


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