Thursday, December 1, 2016

...But On The Bright Side For The Walking Wounded

Because of the broken collarbone, Thing One can't get shirts without buttons over his head, which knocks out his usual wardrobe of athletic performance t-shirts.  To keep the kid in clothing for the next month or so, we went out Sunday and bought him a bunch of soft flannel button-down shirts.  Which don't go at all with his usual soccer sweatpants, so we also picked him up a few pairs of comfortable khaki pants, since he has categorically refused to wear jeans since second grade or so. Instead of his usual rumpled-jock-who-just-got-out-of-bed look, he is now rocking this total-prep look.  Purely by circumstance, of course, but apparently the girls approve.

Yesterday, one of the "cool" girls told him that she's sorry he's hurt, but that his injury has done wonders for his fashion sense!  I laughed out loud when he passed that along to me.


  1. What's his aversion to jeans?

    Oh! It's Friday! I get to wear jeans! :)

  2. He says they are uncomfortable, NOLA. I don't get it either, since I wear them at least five days a week! That said, my husband doesn't like them either and hasn't owned a pair since I met him in 1998, so maybe it's a weird genetic thing?? :)

  3. Maybe men's jeans are stiffer? Some I've tried haven't been comfortable but I have an expectation that I will find comfortable ones. They're so much better than a suit!

    1. Could be. I'm entirely the wrong shape to fit into men's jeans...too much hip. 😝

    2. ARe you kidding about the hips? One of my very favorite memories was shortly before I left my favorite WEst African country and one of the Supreme Court judges took me out for the day and we went to a tailor where she ordered him once and for all to settle the dispute as to whose hips are larger - hers or mine.

    3. Was larger hips a good thing? :)


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