Monday, December 26, 2016

By Request of NOLA...

...some recent pictures of The Hound.  :)

My sweet girl.  How I love her.  :)


  1. She's so pretty! Very watchful. Do you know what she is? Maybe some spaniel? Love the black and white and those soulful eyes.

    I'm sure that she and Ziggy would be the best of friends.

  2. The rescue called her a pointer mix. She's from Georgia originally, so I would guess that whatever part of her isn't pointer is some other kind of hunting hound, since her nose is constantly on the ground. Makes it really tough to get her to heel since she isn't looking at me! Whatever else she is, it isn't retriever...that dog does not fetch. At all. And I'm sure she would LOVE Ziggy! They would have so much fun playing. 😊


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