Friday, March 17, 2017

Where Was I Again?

Oops, blinked and there went another pesky week.  A few highlights...

1) Helping Thing One and a friend make cooking videos for their Spanish class.  Apparently the use of a particular verb form was involved in the narrative.  Bear in mind that both of these boys are the most rudimentary of cooks even in English: one attempted to cook meatballs in Spanish and the other enchiladas and I haven't laughed that hard (in a nice way of course!) in a really long time.  At the end of it all, we'd had a very fun afternoon, we had two reasonably edible dishes, two videos and no injuries, and my kitchen had not been blown up or set on fire.  I consider that a resounding success.  And both boys had picked up a cooking tip or two, as well.  (A side note to anyone--like Thing One's buddy--who needs to put any very hot mixture into a blender and doesn't know: this is why blender lids have that central plug.  Remove it before you turn on the blender and put a dishtowel or something that allows airflow over the opening to keep any mess down instead.  If you leave the central plug in when blending hot liquids they will emerge from the blender like lava from Vesuvius as soon as you remove the lid afterward otherwise.)

2) Followed a day later by driving the child (Thing One again) 200 miles each way for a weekend soccer tournament, all three games of which were played in subfreezing weather and howling wind!  There just isn't enough warm clothing for either players or spectators under those conditions.  All hail snow boots, four layers of clothing, blankets and chemical handwarmers in mittens.  Frigid conditions aside, both of us had a great time, believe it or not.  He really likes his teammates and the other parents are great.  Besides which, how often do I get an opportunity for that much one-on-one time with my teenager?? I'll trade any number of frozen fingers for that.

Followed as soon as we got back by 3) preparations for a blizzard.  Ugh.  In this totally electric-powered house, losing power is a problem.  Stockpile nonperishables and water and batteries, check.  Storm arrives, more sleet than snow at least, but still 6" on the ground when all is said and done.  At least the power stayed on but it knocked out school for two days.  More importantly, it cancelled my parents' flight in from California (along with hundreds of other flights) which led to them having to miss

4) Thing One's Confirmation Mass, which was last night.  Boo.  :(  Beautiful ceremony, presided over by the bishop at the "big" church in our parish, not the little one we usually attend.  Thing Two was asked to be an altar server despite the fact that he has never served at that church or even *seen* a bishop!  When I realized that he had been tasked with holding the crozier (the bishop's staff) during the Mass I was a bit concerned, but to his credit he managed not to drop it on the floor in front of a very large, very full church.  Hallelujah.  I was fascinated by the number of hat changes a bishop makes during a Mass...from the large white mitre to a red skullcap to a bare head and back.  I had to look up the rules when we got home.  Apparently he wears the mitre when teaching, removes it during scripture readings (revealing the skullcap underneath) to demonstrate that even he learns from scripture, and takes off the skullcap as well when consecrating the bread and wine.  Who knew?  I'm sure I was supposed to but I'm not sure I've ever seen a bishop say a Mass either.

Which brings us to 5) St. Patrick's Day.  We aren't having our usual big party this year, since between soccer, visitors and one of Himself's crazy 200 mile relay races we don't have a free weekend for the entire month!  The house doesn't have the usual decorations up and it's quite sad.  :(  Nevertheless I will be making the traditional corned beef and cabbage and soda bread this afternoon.  Slainte!!

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