Thursday, October 15, 2015

Happy Dog (For NOLA)

All NOLA's talk about dogs recently has made me especially grateful for the presence of my faithful pooch, who loves nothing more than coming with me on my geocaching rambles in the woods (with the possible exception of peanut butter bones, though it's probably close.)  Whenever I put on my hiking boots, she immediately attaches herself to my hip because she knows where I'm going and she wants to come too!

Took her out on a long hike yesterday, much to her delight.  The new header pic is from that trip, BTW...just can't resist taking pics of fall leaves.  I don't try too hard either.  

Happy running dog!

Zoomed in a bit: doesn't it just look like she's smiling??

Another one of her checking out some wonderful woodsy smell or other (she's a hound mix, after all.)  Nice to be able to let her run off-leash...she stays with me very obediently.  She's a rescue and was in pretty bad shape when they got hold of her: she's apparently figured out that she's onto a good thing here and has never taken off on me.

And another of the leaves.  I've never seen this sort of rainbow effect before: pretty cool.  I need to take a real camera into the woods with me next time and not just rely on my phone for these.

This has to be my favorite recent dog picture, though: her nose to nose with a very alive (and probably very unhappy) turtle. Right after I took this picture she attempted to pick the turtle up in her mouth and walk away with it, at which point I had to intervene.  Lucky for her that it wasn't a snapping turtle!!


  1. Happy dog indeed! I get mine today. :) I need to find some good off-leash places, though they're hard to find in New Orleans - and of course first I need to do some basic training, since she's only been exposed to a leash for a few days.

    I'm excited about the possibilities. While I don't plan to start geocaching (I've seen the power it has over you and I can't have another addiction!) it's a great opportunity to get out and see more, do more.

  2. It is an addiction. You are correct to be wary. :) Can't wait to hear how your first few days with the dog go!!


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