Saturday, January 16, 2016

Good Thing My Mama Raised Me Right

Another day of the usual insanity around here.  Today it took the form of three rec basketball games, the first two of which overlapped timewise but were nowhere near each other.  Divide and conquer for me and Himself to get everyone where they needed to be, just for something new.  Between games 2 and 3 I had about half an hour to get Thing One fed, and he knew he was on the clock.  We were sitting in a restaurant and he was going to town on his plate of food, unquestionably with somewhat less than perfect manners but neatly and quietly for all that.  There was an elderly couple at the next table, she facing us, him with his back to us, and I heard her say something snide to him about the kid at the next table "shoveling in his mac and cheese."  Set my teeth right on edge.  I mentioned to him what I'd overheard and that he might want to take slightly smaller bites in future.  I couldn't resist adding (in a tone similar to hers) that perhaps she has a hearing problem since she made her disparaging comment so loudly, although I admit freely that it was petty of me.  :)

I *really* wanted to stop by her table on the way out and say, "He does pretty well with manners for a 12 year old. What's YOUR excuse, you crabby old bat??" but that at least went unsaid. 

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