Friday, May 6, 2016

An Update From My Swirling Head

Three kids times tryouts for three different soccer clubs (which madness we decided to go through for a variety of good reasons related to a big rule change US Soccer is implementing this year) makes for a logistical nightmare.  We've been crazy with that since the beginning of April.  To simplify, let's call the three clubs West, Central and East because of their geographic locations relative to us.  Right now, all three of my kids play for the Central club, which is the closest to home. As I mentioned in a past post, Thing One recently committed to playing for West next year, which is absolutely the best thing for his development as a player.  Not a question.  Thing Two and Petunia have already tried out for both West and East, but Central's tryouts don't start until next week.

Himself received two emails this evening that have thrown us for a loop. First, Thing Two received an offer from West.  It remains to be seen how good an offer it is...we have some questions.  We've yet to hear anything at all from West regarding Petunia.  I happened to run into a trainer I know from East last night, and mentioned to him that we hadn't heard anything from his club for either Thing Two or Petunia even though tryouts were several weeks ago, which news surprised him.  Especially since he would be the coach of Petunia's age-level team. Probably not coincidentally, the second email we received tonight was an offer from East for Petunia.  For one age level UP.  (gulp)  Essentially, it said that she would be receiving an offer for her age group (girls born in 2007) as well, but that her tryout was so strong that they want her to consider playing for their *2006* team.  This despite the fact that she is a young 2007 (born in September.)

So, to summarize:
Thing One: going to West
Thing Two: offer from West (under review), nothing from East
Petunia: mind boggling offer from East, nothing from West

With Central's tryouts not *starting* till this coming Monday.

For the purposes of our family's sanity, I would prefer all three to either play for the same club or, failing that, two at one and one at another.  It takes a good 45 minutes to get from the West practice fields to the East ones, not an ideal situation.  Then add in the game locations, which skew way east for East and way west for West.  Plus all over God's green earth for Thing One's new team, which is good enough to play regionally.

Of course, both East and West want a response to their offers soonest.  We have no idea what we're going to do given that the younger two haven't tried out for Central yet (and yes, this scheduling is a clusterfuck and I have NO IDEA why Central's tryouts are so late.)  UGH.


Oh, and on top of all this, there was a middle school dance this evening.  And Thing One asked a girl to it.  And she accepted.  His first date.  (!!!!!!!!)  Luckily he appears to have good taste so far: the young lady in question is lovely and intelligent and I like her parents very much.  However, he is only 12 and I am JUST NOT READY for this.  There is not enough wine in the world.  :(

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