Wednesday, May 11, 2016

One More

Got a call from one of the head guys at West today.  Apparently an offer for Petunia will be forthcoming shortly.  Hallelujah and pass the donuts.  There is now officially a scenario in which all three of my children could once again be playing for the same soccer club next year!  This is a very good thing for logistical reasons, if nothing else, and West is a very strong club.  Petunia has one more tryout with Central, the kids' current club, tomorrow evening.  Once we hear back from them (i.e., which of their two teams at that age level she's made, assuming she makes one), which should be by the weekend, then we can make a decision for her and will *finally* be out of tryout hell.

Yet another soccer update, sorry.  Welcome to my life.  On the bright side, I am neither a hockey mom nor a swimming mom, both of whom have to deal with the most brutal of practice schedule times.  My best girlfriend's daughter is Thing One's age but swims competitively against high-school aged boys (yes, she's that good) and my poor friend has to get up at 4AM two mornings a week to drive her half an hour each way to and from 5AM practice!  Ugh.  One thing I WILL say for far it has not required us to be up and moving in predawn hours, for which I am deeply and profoundly grateful.  I am so NOT a morning person.

In other family sporting news, at is appearing increasingly likely that at least three of us will be appearing together in the next high belt taekwondo test.  The Things are rapidly approaching Red and Senior Blue respectively, and I (god help me) am staring down the barrel at Senior Brown.  I.e. the belt before Black.  I.e. boy, do I need to start working on my running and pushups!!  Petunia, no slouch herself, will probably test for Blue in the next round.  I am trying to convince Himself that our Christmas card this year should feature the four of us in our gis and him in full running regalia pretending to run away from his family of ninjas, but I don't think that is going to fly.  :)


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