Thursday, July 3, 2014

Crazy Lady Right Here

We're leaving for a family vacation tomorrow with my in-laws, sister-in-law and nephews.  With the exception of a morning taekwondo class and a couple of quick errands, I spent the entire day at home running around like a headless chicken and am STILL not ready to go.  Why?  Because most of that time was spent doing dishes and laundry, vacuuming, changing beds and towels, and tidying up the house!

Given any choice in the matter at all, I do my best to leave a clean house behind me when I walk out the door for any period of time.   Kind of like the whole always-wear-clean-underwear-in-case-you're-in-an-accident thing...the one time I leave my house a disaster and go away will be the time the house gets broken into or flooded or something and half the town's emergency personnel will be in it and commenting on my lousy housekeeping when I get back!  Not to mention the fact that the friend who will be checking up on the house in our absence doesn't really need to see how bad the menfolk in my house are at aiming.  And also the fact that the only thing that will make me crazier than the inevitable walk back into the house with tons of dirty laundry etc when we get home would be that same walk into a dirty house that will stress me out with everything I have to do to make it decent again!  (This from the same woman who returned to her house after the two days in the hospital delivering Petunia and immediately grabbed the vacuum cleaner because she couldn't handle looking at all the crud on the carpets.)

I think I have a problem.  For the record, that problem is genetic and it is directly linked to my mother's side of the family, congenital neat freaks all.  I hope the policemen and firemen will appreciate it, at least!



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