Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Quiet Week Plus A Milestone

I know there's been radio silence for an unusual number of days now, but all is well.  Just on vacation and not quite so glued to technology as usual.

The rest of the crew has been spending every day at the beach.  Since I no longer do sun, I've been caching instead and just meeting up with them in the afternoons.  (I actually contemplated writing a post about how people who see me must think I belong to some crazy religious sect because of the long pants, hat and long sleeves I've been wearing to cache in the heat of summer in a beach town!)

In other news, I can't believe that this child, my oldest "baby", is now 11.

Seems like he looked like this not so very long ago at all.  I blinked and all of a sudden he wears men's size Small shirts and men's size 8.5 shoes and I no longer have to lean over much at all to kiss the top of his head.  

In the spirit of accepting that which I cannot change, since it appears that he is going to continue to grow regardless of any opinions that I may have on the matter, I am trying very hard to focus on enjoying the fine young man that he is becoming instead of wondering where my little boy went! Works a lot better some days than others.  

He's going to MIDDLE SCHOOL next year, heaven help us all.  Class-switching and lockers and dances and all.  


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