Friday, August 29, 2014

The Druggies Are In Town

The soccer field was abuzz yesterday with stories of the recent robberies in the biggish town up the road.  Little skinny white dude, brazenly walking into houses (some occupied!) in the middle of the day, quickly grabbing valuables and disappearing.  He's been interrupted in the act a couple of times, but the police haven't managed to catch him yet. 

Last night, Thing One couldn't sleep.  He was worried about the burglar coming to our house.  I reminded him that we have an alarm system and a decent-sized dog, that we aren't in town where it's easy to walk away and disappear, and also that most folks out in our area are known to have guns, so we probably aren't high on the target list.  Still, we'll make sure we set the alarm, and I'll pay extra attention to the dog.  Oh, and I also put a baseball bat in our dining room and my heavy wooden nunchuks under my pillow, Princess-and-the-Pea style.  Never was much of a a Girl Scout, but I do believe in being prepared. 

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