Tuesday, August 19, 2014

What Is WRONG With These People??

Congratulations, Facebook: you finally got me to click on one of your tremendously annoying sidebar ads.  Not, however, for the reason you might hope.  I was so dumbfounded by the image of the product displayed that I had to get more information!  The site is www.hipslimmer.com, and this is a sample image of their product directly from their website (heaven forbid that photo credits not go where they are due.)

I gather from the website that the founder of the company is a doctor, who was addressing a desperate medical need (ha) when he developed it to help women slim their hips back to pre-pregnancy size after delivery, the idea being that pregnancy hormones serve to relax the hip joints and that even women who subsequently lose all their baby weight are often still left with wider hips postpartum.  Oh, the horrors.  Does it surprise you one iota that this jackass went to medical school in NYC?

For those whose most pressing postpartum (and I mean IMMEDIATELY postpartum) concern is getting back to their exact prepregnancy shape, this device is to be worn for the first EIGHT WEEKS after delivery, 4-6 HOURS A DAY.

Good god and little chickens, people.  This is what you're most worried about right after delivering a baby?  Or what your husband/SO is most worried about?  And to the extent that you are willing to wear this barbaric-looking, medieval-throwback contraption for hours every day WHILE nursing and changing a million tiny diapers and being up all night every night and doing mountains of laundry and not even having time to shower?  (Yeah, maybe I'm just remembering back to when I had newborns around...I would have decked the person who brought one of these anywhere near me.)



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