Thursday, April 28, 2016

45 Degrees And Raining Sideways

You know it's a miserable evening when your kid literally shakes the rain out of his hair like a dog after a game and has white, frozen, soaked-pruny fingers UNDER his goalie gloves.  No wimps, these soccer players...rain and cold usually don't stop games, only lightning.

This was Thing Two's guest-goalie appearance I mentioned yesterday.  He played the entire game, every minute of both halves.  Not many trials by fire like playing goalie for a completely unfamiliar soccer team in freezing rain!  Game ended in a 2-2 tie.  One goal he couldn't have done anything about.  One maybe he could have stopped had he been positioned differently (his comment, not mine.)  But overall, he showed up mentally and made all the routine saves plus a couple of absolutely outstanding ones under really terrible playing conditions.  Couldn't ask for anything else; so unbelievably proud of that boy.  And the most amazing thing of all?  This club has no idea that he's classified; we haven't said anything to them yet about his language-processing difficulties. Clearly, he's doing just fine with them.  More proof (if we needed it) of his progress...hallelujah.

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