Saturday, April 9, 2016

Oh, The Memories...

Out tonight for dinner with Himself to celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary, the actual day of which fell while he was out of town last month but no big deal.  These sorts of occasions are what we used to call "moveable feasts" in my family while I was growing up...Dad also traveled a lot for work and we just celebrated whenever he got home.

Anyway, we got to reminiscing about our wedding reception (about which neither of us remember all that much, other than that we were introduced to the gathered crowd as husband and wife with the theme from "Rocky" blaring in the background, Himself being from Philly and all) and the wedding itself.  The ceremony was less overwhelming than the reception, so it's easier to remember, and a few recollections in particular really made us laugh.

1) His godparents, who were supposed to be IN the ceremony, got whoppingly lost and showed up to the church 45 minutes late, so we were scrambling to find replacements as the service was starting.
2) We each lit a taper on the altar at the beginning of the Mass, which our mothers were later going to use to jointly light a central unity candle.  One of the tapers burned down much faster than the other, and we remember wondering if the Mass would end before or after the altarcloth caught on fire!  (Before, thankfully. But just.)
3) Oh, and speaking of fire...the church in which we were married happened to be very near to the town's volunteer fire department's firehouse and the fire siren went off very loudly THROUGH THE WHOLE MASS.

Hey, *anyone* can have a wedding service in which nobody at any point stops to think about the local fire department for any reason...guess we're just special!  We thought it was funny even then and are now on our way to the fifteenth anniversary of maintaining our senses of humor and perspective.  :)  At the end of the day, we were married, and that was the important thing back then and still today.


  1. Happy Belated Anniversary MamaD, from Toronto (visiting our son).

    A shared sense of humor is a must!

  2. Oh, and safe and happy travels! 😊


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