Thursday, June 12, 2014


Going out of town solo for the weekend (50th anniversary celebration for my aunt and uncle), leaving at the crack of dawn tomorrow.  The universe has accordingly conspired to make this week (and especially today) as crazy as humanly possible.  School, garden, pool cleanup, meetings, errands, laundry, trying to get everything in order to leave behind.  Since the school year ends a week from tomorrow, it was going to be crazy even without the trip...last minute events and obligations galore.  As a counterbalance, I'm feeling every bit of the weight of summer lurking around the corner and trying to savor my last few days of relative freedom even with the madness.  I really can't decide if having all this school crap over with for the summer is worth the price of having to referee constant bickering for three months...I'll let you know in September.  Wish me luck!

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