Friday, June 6, 2014

On The Benefits Of Children Getting Older

Four cubic yards of mulch were deposited on my driveway at 5:30PM today.  By 8:30PM, at least three of those yards had been successfully relocated to my garden, where I hope they will permanently suffocate the $&!?@ weeds that plague my summers.

Himself (bless the man) kept the wheelbarrow and buckets filled with mulch from the pile and my sons hauled them to the garden in a sort of boy-powered conveyor belt.  While that was going on, Petunia finished up the weeding and helped me spread the mulch around the plants.  It would have taken me days to do that job by myself and I probably would have thrown my back out in the process, too...let's hear it for kids big enough to make themselves useful and a husband who loves me!


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