Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Interesting Evening

Finished planting my garden after the kids went to bed...a few weeks late but oh well.  Not so into the whole thing this year...when we redo the back yard, I may switch over entirely to container gardening.   Now I need to mulch so I don't spend the whole damned summer weeding!

Quick shower, pack the kids' lunches for tomorrow.  What's this in my in-box?  Oh goody...one of my geocaching friends sent me the link to a puzzle to solve, since I love puzzle caches.  Fifteen minutes later, I've figured out that the little Lego guy in the animated file is doing semaphore and I've decoded the numbers he's signaling.  Next up?  Explaining to my husband why we may need to explain the concept of being transgender to our eight and ten year-old sons.  (Long story not having to do with anybody in the family, and boy, am I hoping to be able to find the right words for the conversation with the boys.)  Never a dull moment around here!


  1. I wish I'd learned about transgenderism when I was a kid. Honestly I still kind of stumble because I don't really fundamentally get it. Probably because I haven't had any close friends who are transgender - that seems to be how I get things best.

    I think it can be great to bring it up at this age - just a matter-of-fact thing on the palate of life. Our kids are growing up in a very different time, and in terms of LGBT issues, that's really great.

  2. Matter-of-fact has been my approach of choice with sticky topics so far, and so far it's worked. My prediction is that Thing Two will take the idea at face value and that I will end up getting a LOT of questions from Thing One as he processes.


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