Monday, January 12, 2015

Gotta Start Giving The Kid More Credit

Every year, the art teacher at my kids' school organizes an exhibition of selected works at a local art museum, maybe three or four max per grade level so this is a pretty big deal.  Last year, when we got the notice that a piece of Thing One's had been chosen, my reaction was (sadly) astonishment.  "Him?  Really?"  Nothing against my son, believe me, but he is Mr. Math and Science and has never had any interest in art whatsoever.   The drawing in question was a stunningly realistic depiction of a snake, so ok...figured we were still going with the science thing, albeit in a slightly new direction.  

Just got another notice from the school: work of his has been selected for the art show AGAIN.  Not sure which piece, but of the pieces that have been uploaded to the web, not one is remotely sciencelike this time around.  Maybe I really do have a budding artist on my hands??


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