Saturday, January 31, 2015

Life With Mr. North Philly

Sometimes a blog post just writes itself!

Philadelphians are renowned for being straight-talking, pull-no-punches, no-sugarcoating kind of people.  You get a couple of glasses of wine into one on a Friday night and you can pretty much guarantee that whatever social veneer might have been constructed over the Philly isn't going to last long.  Anyway, Himself and I were sitting on the sofa watching junk TV and relaxing after a long day when somehow, the subject of people renewing their wedding vows came up.  (There was a long conversational train involved.)  Curious, I asked him what he thought about it.

"Why the FUCK would anyone want to do that?"  (Said with no hostility whatsoever, just genuine confusion.)  "Renewing would mean something expired, like some kind of library book.  Wedding vows don't expire.  I meant what I said the first time and every morning I wake up next to you is a renewal of my damn vows."  

At which point I absolutely burst out laughing.  If that isn't the most romantic thing ever barked out Philly-style, I don't know what is!



  1. Haha! Research shows people who use profanity are more honest and loyal. :)

  2. We renewed ours at my sons wedding. We approached the minister a couple days before and didn't tell anyone.... It was supposed to be a secret. Asked her to wait till everyone left the building. But she got a little ahead of her self and did the dead after everytime left the room. I didn't realise until it was over that everyone was watching from the doorways behind us. (we got married in a federal courthouse... No wedding.. thought it might be a Lark to renew vows)
    It caused such a sensation (in a good way) we thought we'd do it again three years later at my nephews wedding but we were late and they held on until we arrived (we were in a group of 6)so didn't have a chance to approach the person officiating. After mentioning it to the new bride and groom later, they were sorry we didn't.

  3. Deed not dead
    Everyone not everything
    Grrrr I hate auto correct

  4. He is honest and loyal to a fault, to be sure...didn't connect it to the profanity though. :) And I have no issue with renewing vows myself except inasmuch as that organizing the wedding the first time while working was enough stress for a lifetime...any renewal for me would have to be simple. Congrats to you and your husband, Kathy, for managing to stay happily married long enough to contemplate renewing yours twice over! :)


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