Saturday, January 17, 2015

On A Roll

It's been a crazy week and Himself was out of town from Sunday to Friday to add insult to injury, but I managed not to lose my gourd on any of the children in his absence and this is always a happy circumstance.  :)

In general, it's been good, though.  Two particularly proud moments for the boys:

1) Thing One scored twice within a minute in Thursday night's basketball game!  (This from a kid who is usually lucky to get a point or two per game...he's mostly a defender.)  The first basket was a fast break layup off a pass he picked, and the second a layup off a pass from a teammate on a 2-on-1 fast break.  I cheered so loudly when he made that second basket that I felt like I needed to apologize to the woman sitting in front of me on the bleachers afterward for yelling right in her ear.

2) Thing Two, my sweet boy who played in just the third 'real' basketball game of his life this morning, MADE A FREE THROW!!   Luckily there was nobody sitting in front of me today because I would have blown out their eardrums for sure.  And I even managed to capture the shot on film--terribly fuzzy, but my older iPhone can only do so much from a distance.  Nothing but net, and the team won their first game, too.  

Also one proud moment for me: I found my two-thousandth geocache on Friday!  Not bad for about a year and a half of caching.   The tradition is to go for something particularly difficult or cool for these 'milestone' caches, and I tagged up with a friend who was going for #1400 to try for one that's been on my bucket list for a year now.  We donned hip waders and headlamps and slogged through a waterlogged and icy (and abandoned) train tunnel to get to the most amazing narrow valley on the other side, the walls of which were entirely choked with the biggest icicles I've ever seen.  Some of them had to be 40 feet long.  Definitely a memorable adventure, especially since it took us a good half hour to find the cache container once we got to the valley and we were really getting worried that it was buried in the ice.  Not the case, and thankfully because I'm not sure I'd want to do that tunnel traverse more than once each way!  Knee-deep water and spiders and bats, oh my.

My friend as we were exiting the tunnel into the valley

The tunnel we came out of and the wall of solid ice

Yes, only a crazy person would do this and I know it.  In general, I'm OK with being nuts...I think everyone should have at least one good solid eccentricity.  It makes life more interesting.

Anybody else have a good week for an offbeat reason?  :)

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