Wednesday, February 17, 2016

As Good As Praise Gets

Yesterday morning I got a call from my best girlfriend.  She was concerned that her teenage daughter (Thing One's age) had been crying that morning and wouldn't tell her why.  She was hoping that Thing One might have told me something that would shed light on the situation, which unfortunately wasn't the case.

Later that afternoon, I'm sitting in the doctor's office (routine appointment) when I get a text from the daughter in question out of the blue.  "Hi, can I get your opinion on something?"  She went on to explain the situation that was bothering her and ask for my thoughts.

Before you ask, yes, she has permission from her mother to text me directly, and yes, I called her mother to fill her in as soon as I had a chance that evening.  But how much more of a compliment can there be from a thirteen year-old girl who is wholly unrelated to me??  I am touched and honored.

By the way, her response to my suggestion?  "I think that's what my mom would say too."  I gently pointed out to her that there's a reason why her mother is my best friend.  :)

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