Sunday, February 7, 2016

Super Bowl

Was wondering what kind of crazy outfit Lady Gaga was going to wear while singing the National Anthem tonight.  Also how badly she was going to butcher the song.  I care much more about the latter than the former, but she seems to go so far out of her way to be outrageous that I figured she'd use the Super Bowl platform to showcase the absolute craziest costume she could think of.  Maybe one composed entirely of live kittens or freshly plucked bat wings or something.  As it happened, she looked beautiful and sang like an's easy to forget what a voice the woman has since she is so into shock value with her appearance most of the time.  

Speaking of singing, Chris Martin looked like he was having such a great time out there on the stage at halftime!  Made me smile just watching.  Bruno Mars and Beyonc√© didn't add as much to the show as I hoped they would, but I guess the time and stage space are limited.

Generally speaking, I could care less about pro football or either of the two teams playing this year. I watch the Super Bowl for the commercials (loved the one!) and the halftime show.  Do have to admit that I have a soft spot for Peyton Manning, though.  To the extent that I'm cheering for a team, it's his Broncos.  It would be a nice story for the "old guy" to be able to retire on a Super Bowl win, although said old guy is three years younger than I am!!  Ha.

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