Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Not A Pipe Bomb

Most people who've been on this blog for any length of time know that I'm an avid geocacher.  (See here for a primer on how geocaching works if you're interested.)  It's great exercise, the puzzles are good for keeping my brain non-mushy, and sometimes I come across something either really cool or really funny or both.  The picture below is of a cache container built by a friend of mine and it is way too well-executed not to share!

Note the label on the container clearly indicating that it's a geocache?  Smart move.  :)
Finding this particular container was pretty easy: it's about a foot long and is chained to the inside of a big tree in plain sight.  The trick here is figuring out how to get it open so you can sign the logsheet inside!  When you figure out the number combination to the upper lock (by solving a puzzle on the cache page) it opens to reveal the key to the lower padlock, which is out of sight at the bottom right of the picture.   Once the lower padlock is removed, it's possible to extract the inner container and sign in.   Caches like this one always make me wish I was handier with tools!


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