Monday, February 29, 2016


I mentioned a while back that Thing Two has been undergoing some testing at school to see how his speech and language are progressing, since it's been a couple of years since they formally assessed him.  Based on some follow-up questions his case manager asked me the other day, I'm getting the very strong feeling that he passed those tests and isn't going to be considered a Special Ed student anymore.  I'll find out for sure next week sometime. I'm surprisingly ambivalent about this, to be honest.  You'd expect cartwheels of joy, but I'm just not feeling that right now.

I didn't want him to be classified to begin with.  We only agreed to put the label on him to get him the help he so desperately needed.  At that time, he was so incredibly far behind the eight ball that I fully expected he'd be classified for the foreseeable future to forever, so the fact that we are even having this conversation six short years later is pretty damned amazing, all things considered.  I'm just concerned that he's in that gray area now where he's smart and functional enough to pass the tests but not yet ready to be free of the assistance he gets at school (speech therapy, aide support, etc.)  The powers that be said when we originally discussed the testing that they would transfer him to a 504 plan if they declassified him to make sure he still gets whatever help he needs, and I'm going to hold them to that if things go the way I'm predicting.  I just hope it turns out to be enough of a safety net.  I don't want them taking that label off until he's actually ready to function without it.

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