Wednesday, March 30, 2016

I'm Curious

Another poll: I would sincerely appreciate anyone willing to humor my scientific curiosity here and give me feedback.

Any of you who identify as right-handed, on which pedal do you first place your foot on a bike, and which arm do you put through the straps of a backpack first??

Odd questions, I know, but there is a reason.

I write, bat and throw a ball right-handed.  I would have said I was unquestionably right-handed.  However, it has been pointed out to me recently (and correctly) that I invariably mount a bike with my left foot first and put my left arm into a backpack strap before the right arm.  The right-handed person who did the pointing-out uses his right leg and arm for bike and backpack as well.

Other "righties": do you do everything with your right arm/leg first as far as you know, or do you mix it up like me?  Just wondering.  (Lefties, feel free to reverse the question and answer as well.)  Thanks!



  1. Right handed here. When I'm putting on a backpack, my right arm goes in first. But a depends on what side of the bike I'm on. The near foot goes on first and the other swings over as I start rolling

  2. I too mix it up. Right foot on pedal but left arm into backpack strap. Don't know if this indicates anything unusual, or just how it is. I do enjoy your blog, usually your comments are right on with what goes on in my life.

  3. Being right handed doesn't mean being right footed or right eyed. IT's not the whole side of your body that's dominant, at least so I've been told by archers.

    That said, I am right handed and right footed, but I get on a bike like I get on a horse. Training.

    Left arm first into a backpack because my dominant hand is on the ready to steadying it, adjustments etc.

  4. Interesting. I assumed righty meant righty across the board. Who knew?? Thanks to all three of you!


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