Monday, March 28, 2016

Well, That Confirms What We Already Knew

Petunia was looking at her Easter haul on Sunday afternoon, and asked me why the Easter Bunny brings her the same basket every year.  Clearly, at 8, she's starting to analyze things.  

Thing One, without missing a beat, looked up from his phone and told her that we just put out the same basket every year for the bunny to fill.  Then, as soon as she looked away, he winked at me.  

We've never had a conversation with him about Santa, the Easter Bunny, or any other gift-bringing imaginary creature, but we've assumed for years that he HAD to know the deal.  Which he confirmed today, but at least he did it with kindness toward his little sister in his heart.  


  1. That is so sweet.

    When I read the title and clicked through, I was worried that you were going to be blasting some research that "proves what we already knew." I get so tired of explaining to people that common sense instinct is not the same as good research. And if you, somebody whose professional career was built around research, had to be convinced, I was going to throw in the towel.

  2. Too funny!!!! Sorry. No worries, I firmly believe in the value of well-conducted research. :)


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