Sunday, March 6, 2016

Nothing Like A Hefty Shot Of Beer To Clear Out The Ol' Sinuses

Due to circumstances beyond our collective control relating to his &%$&% extensive work travel, Himself and I hosted our (10th annual!) St. Patrick's Day party last night.  Better early than not at all, we figured.

I'm no real fan of the suds, despite the hefty percentage of my blood that hails from the Emerald Isle. I have two ceremonial beers a year, one on St. Patrick's Day and one at my in-laws' Oktoberfest party.  Unfortunately for me, I happened to be midway through one of those two beers when a song I'd never heard before came on the radio, with the result that a good chunk of it came out my nose accompanied by choking gasps of laughter!

Listen to the words.  Really.  And Happy early St. Pat's to the lot of ye.  :)

Should the video not link properly for whatever reason, search YouTube for The Dubliners' rendition of "The Sick Note."  You won't regret it!

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