Friday, March 22, 2013

68 Years Ago Yesterday...

...a baby boy was born in a steel-mill town in Ohio.  He grew up to be a smart kid and a good athlete, tall and dark-haired with big hazel-brown eyes.

He worked his way through college as an accountant at the steel mill in the summers, went on to earn an MBA, then married a girl from the neighborhood, one he'd known since kindergarten.  Neither of them had any idea that his career would eventually take them around the world, to places they would never have dreamed of seeing as children.

In the baby lies the
future of the world.
Mother must hold the baby close
so that the baby knows it is his
world but the father must take him to
the highest hill so that he can see
what his world is like.
- Mayan Indian Proverb

Thanks, Dad.  For showing us the world, and for being the loving husband, father and grandfather that you are.

Remember this one from my wedding?  Still've never let me down.

Happy belated birthday.  Love you much...  


  1. So sweet. My Dad was born to a steel union worker and lived throughout that region as a kid, about the same number of years ago. You just reminded me to tell him I love him today.


  2. Always a good reminder, Anita. :) Hope your dad appreciates it!!


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