Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Pretender To The Cape

In the last 48 hours, I have:

* hosted two houseguests (they leave tomorrow)

* taken a child to soccer practice

* gone to the grocery store twice

* hosted an evening St. Pat's party for 30+ adults

* coordinated babysitting and dogsitting for said party

* gotten up at 7AM the morning after said party to clean up and then drive to to The Girl's school to sling pancakes for two hours for a fundraiser

* put together a Science Fair poster with Thing One

* made the arrangements necessary to change the date of one community event and then publicize the change

* sent three long emails relating to a Board of Ed agenda I'm putting together for next week

* spent an hour coordinating details for a summer program run by another committee I chair

* cooked two nice dinners (in addition to the party fare!)

* not gotten nearly enough sleep


* come down with a nasty cold.

I can't do this.  I am not Superwoman and I should stop pretending to be!!

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