Saturday, March 23, 2013

Murphy's Law

Just for something different.

Sat in the kitchen for the better part of the afternoon, working on various things with the kids.  Then went upstairs to ride the stationary bicycle for half an hour, as part of my ongoing efforts to rehab and protect my bad knee.  No joke: I was on the bike for less than thirty seconds before The Girl came up to inform me that the hall bathroom toilet (right off the kitchen!) had clogged.

A good mother would have immediately jumped off the bike and gone back downstairs to fix it.  (I would so dearly have loved to tell her to go ask her father to deal with it, but he's out of town.)  Not being that good mother, after ascertaining that no flooding was involved, I ended up telling her to lock the door and then close it from the outside so that her brothers couldn't get in and make the problem worse before I got downstairs.  Then I finished my bike ride!  Priorities, dammit.  Life (and plumbing) go on, none the worse for wear for the delay.

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