Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Theme Song

To my great regret, it's looking more and more like Thing One will need some kind of intervention at school to help him slow down, focus, and concentrate.  Not sure yet whether that intervention will be behavioral or medical, but it's becoming clear that he is coasting on raw intelligence right now and that eventually he'll begin to flounder when that's no longer enough to overcome the organizational nightmares that are his desk, backpack and brain.

Working with him on math homework tonight, I had to remind him repeatedly to take his time, think and focus.  It isn't that he can't do the work--he just does it too fast and makes dumbass mistakes.  About halfway through the session, he asked me about the tune I was humming under my breath: I told him that it should be his theme song, since he hears the first line so often!  Good ol' Simon and Garfunkel...a lyric for every occasion.

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