Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Too Much Going On

There is actually visible grass in my front yard!  The birds are singing, the small earthbound critters are scampering about unimpeded by snow, and there is mud from one end of the earth to the other courtesy of all the snowmelt.  Spring has sprung and all that happy crap, as my college roommate used to say.   About damned time too, it being almost the solstice and all, although I'll be surprised if we've seen the last of winter just yet.

Been really busy lately, hence my absence from the blog.  No major accomplishments to report for it, though...been thinking for the past few days about the difference between what's urgent and important.  I've been chasing the urgent, and generally getting those tasks crossed off the list, but I can't say that looking at the list gives me much of a sense of accomplishment after the fact.  Time to reprioritize, I suspect.  I just wish some of the urgent but trivial would go away for a while.  

Standardized test drama (this relating to my Board of Education hat.)  Kid drama, scheduling/logistics and otherwise.  Normal household-running stuff.  Oh, and coordinating and hosting a St. Patrick's Day party for 50 over the weekend with a sick kid in the house!  Party went well, anyway.    

Love this image.  Going to print it out and pin it above my desk as a reminder to focus more on the upper right quadrant.


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