Monday, March 2, 2015

Greater Love Hath No Mother

Yesterday morning, Petunia came to me all weepy-eyed because she saw two rabbits out in the front yard that looked cold and hungry.  Granted, it has been a miserable winter, frigid enough that whatever snow fell has pretty much remained...haven't seen grass in about six weeks.  They probably are cold and hungry.

Under normal circumstances, I wage a never-ending battle with the rabbits (and deer) in my yard, since they seem hell-bent on eating everything I plant.  My gardens have to be fenced and/or sprayed with rotten-egg based repellent spray to give them even the tiniest chance of surviving.

But because I love my daughter, there is currently a small pile of baby carrots sitting in the snow right where she saw the rabbits.  Now I'm actually *feeding* them!!


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