Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Remember the kid of mine I wrote about a couple of days ago?  The one who did something so colossally boneheaded that I still can't believe it??  Well, said child just got some test results back yesterday and will be the sole representative of his school district in a state-level competition very much involving raw brainpower at the end of the month.  Either intelligence and common sense really don't have to coexist in the same person or this kid is living proof of the delayed-temporal-lobe-development thing.

Regardless, proud mom here.  :)


  1. I can remember my mother shaking her head in exasperation, saying "There's book-smart and then there's life-smart"

    Congratulations to the kid for nailing the book-smart part. The other part is why he's still living with you!

  2. That's a perfect way to put it, Joan! I'll remember that. He's got the book-smart part nailed, all life smarts at all though!!! He's got "ivory tower professor" written all over him. ;)


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