Monday, April 6, 2015

A Quiet Easter

We knew we'd be up late on Easter eve putting together the baskets, coming up with the puzzles and hiding the eggs, so we told the kids we didn't want to hear a peep until at least 6:30AM.  Of course, at 6:30:01 there was an uproar in the hallway outside our door, but oh well.  :)

Petunia is *not* a morning person...she was dragged out of bed by her brothers right before they came to get us.  Accordingly, she wasn't quite awake yet, so a few of the riddles took her longer to figure out than they might otherwise have, but she did eventually find her basket.  Thing Two was initially flummoxed by the substitution code, and he does not like being flummoxed.  Himself had to sit down with him to help him write out the code, but after that he had the idea and he was off.  Basket number two, check.  Thing One's face was priceless when he opened his one big egg and found a piece of sheet music and a printout of about four octaves of piano notes (took that idea straight from a geocaching puzzle I did a couple of months ago, simplifying it a bit for him.)  Took him a little while to figure out that the notes in the piece of sheet music I wrote convert to letters (middle C = A, etc), but he actually found his basket before Thing Two got to his.  We do go overboard on the Easter basket hunt, I know, but my parents did something similar for my brother and me and it's one of my fondest childhood memories of Easter.  Thing One clearly no longer believes in the Easter Bunny, but that's OK.

After Mass, we headed back home.  Most years we spend Easter with my in-laws, but this year they are in Florida, so it was just us.  Very low-key.  Picked up a couple of caches with Thing One while Himself took a nap and the other two played with their new Legos, since it was a beautiful day, then popped the ham in the oven, roasted some asparagus and wedged potatoes and put a lovely dinner on the table about 5:30.  Cleaned up the kitchen afterward and capped off the day with a sunset walk with Thing One, Petunia and the dog.    

Hope you all had a lovely day as well!


  1. I really appreciate how you get along with and appreciate your in-laws, and how they do you. I hear so many people complain - and I got caught in one couple's squabble about whether she would attend her husband's family's Easter - and it's a shame. Especially for the children who want their adults to get along.

  2. Thanks, NOLA. I lucked out with my in-laws, no doubt about it, but then again, they lucked out with me too. :) I say that jokingly, but there's very much an unspoken understanding that we all love their son/my husband and the grandkids and all want to be part of one big family that gets along. When I first met my husband, one of the things I liked most about him was that he called home every Sunday afternoon without fail. It was easy to see from the start that his family is very important to him and that clashing with them would make him very unhappy as the middleman. As it happens, since they are wonderful people who welcomed me with open arms and kindness from day one, it has been very easy to be the "right" kind of daughter-in-law! In his extended family there is a sad circumstance in which a mother and DIL absolutely hate each other and the son and grandsons are in the middle...would hate to live my life that way.


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