Thursday, April 30, 2015

Faith, Rewarded

Those guys who took my family room apart on Monday to put the new floor in?  They were done (trim work and all) by Tuesday evening.  Three full days before they needed to be.  Gotta love them.  There's a reason why I don't call anyone else now when I need work done on my house--that was their fourth job for me and they've come through like this every time.

Lots still to do in that room, to be sure--get a new TV, area rug and entertainment center, also take out the fireplace insert and put in a Franklin stove (eventually)--but the construction part of the job is over and that room will be functional for Saturday's houseful of guests.  Whew!

Only downside of putting hardwood floors in is that my dog hates, and I mean HATES, the compressor and nail gun needed to install it.  Think they are just too loud for her, so I had to get her out of the house Monday and Tuesday.  Spring finally having arrived in these parts, we did some hiking (me) and crashing around in the woods chasing squirrels (her) and it was all good.

These are two different lakes--actually, one is a lake and one a reservoir.  And the first pic was taken from almost a thousand feet straight up a rocky hill!  May have had to miss the first couple of days of TKD class this week, but I sure got my exercise.

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