Friday, April 10, 2015

I'm Officially Hooked

Went to my second aikido class tonight.  Only three students this time, different instructor, and a whole different experience.  Much more explanation, which helped a lot: clearly Fridays are going to be better for beginners like me.  The pace was slower and I actually felt like I had time to figure out a technique (more or less, anyway) before we moved on to the next one.  Hell of an ab workout, too...get knocked down, roll back up, get knocked down, roll back up, repeat.  If I can't do an effective back breakfall at my next taekwondo belt test, it won't be for lack of recent practice!  The two styles are very different and I'm going to have a hard time leaving all my taekwondo muscle memory at the door when I'm practicing aikido, but it is truly amazing how easy it is for me to bring down a man twice my size when I do it right.  The whole concept is that you get out of the way of the attack and then use the attacker's force and momentum and what they actually *want* to do against them, adding little to no force of your own.  Really, really cool.

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