Saturday, April 25, 2015

Funny But Also Sort Of Sad

Today is Opening Day for Thing Two's baseball season.  He's had practices, but no games yet.   He's still pretty new to the sport, as well...he played two years ago for the first time as a first grader and then not again until this season, so he's a little shaky on the fundamentals.  Including the parts of a baseball uniform, as it turns out.

Not that the last part is really his fault, mind you.  Due to the jam-packedness of our after school schedule this spring, every time this child has had a baseball practice, it has been immediately after a soccer practice.  As in, the eat-your-dinner-in-the car-on-the-way-to-baseball, play-baseball-in-your-soccer-cleats kind of immediately after.  So, when the boy was getting dressed in his baseball uniform this morning (NOT after soccer, for once), I shouldn't have been surprised that he asked me where his shinguards were!  The poor kid has still been wearing his soccer shinguards for every baseball practice because there wasn't time to take them off in between (and, in truth, because I figured that they might help keep him from taking a line drive to the shins, as long as we were making a virtue of necessity) so he legitimately had no idea that shinguards are not normally worn while playing baseball!!

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