Saturday, April 4, 2015

Well, THAT's A Relief

Let's just say that I've learned a lesson: when you have a neurology-related concern, you should ask a neurologist.  My family doc scared me half to death for no damned reason but the good news is that all is well.  Happy Easter to me!

I love Easter eve...we always make a big deal out of hiding the baskets so the kids have a 'treasure hunt' of sorts on Easter morning.  As they get older, the hunt gets more complicated--for both us and them--but that's half the fun.  This year, Petunia has riddles in her eggs (each one leads her to the next egg, and eventually to her basket, which is in the dryer this year.)  Thing Two's eggs are in code for the first time...a simple substitution cipher.  His basket is in the linen closet.  Thing One, who is really getting a bit too old for this, gets a slightly different approach.  He only has one egg, but it contains a puzzle that is a doozy, which he must solve to get to his basket!  I had serious fun coming up with the puzzle...considering how much time I spend solving puzzles to get coordinates for geocaching, I had a lot of raw material from which to choose.  Since he's an accomplished musician, I wrote him a music puzzle, in which notes substitute for letters.  We'll see how he does with it!  His basket is in the trunk of Himself's car.

Can't wait for the morning.  We're as excited as the kids.  Come on, bunny!!

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