Thursday, May 7, 2015

Day Is Done

It's been a good one; a long hike with the dog on a beautiful leafy trail, lots of kid activities after school, plus a Zumba class in the evening.  I can't dance to save my life, but one nice thing about hitting the ripe old age of 41 is that I no longer really care much what most people think of me, so I can just go and get in a good workout and have fun--if I'm doing some move wrong, so be it.  My next taekwondo belt test is coming (end of the month, or so I'm hearing) so I'm ramping up the cardio and push-ups accordingly--the extra exercise helps me keep from turning into a raging lunatic with the kids' ridiculous after-school schedule as well, as a fringe benefit.

Spring has sprung here: it was gloriously warm and sunny today, and everything's finally green.  Makes it a pleasure to be outside, hence the hike. My Fitbit (love that thing--got it for Christmas and wear it constantly) says I've walked about 25,000 steps today!  No wonder I'm tired...

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