Friday, May 1, 2015

And, As The Icing On The Cake...

Got a call from the contractor today to tell me that his invoice for the recent floor job was in my mailbox.  When I went to grab it, I saw that he had also put a First Communion card (containing $20!) addressed to Petunia in the mailbox.

So, to recap: he personally made sure that his guys finished the job in time for her party (her First Communion is tomorrow) AND got her a card.  This is a single older guy, mind you--recently divorced--so it's not like he asked his wife to do it...HE did it.  Talk about going above and beyond.  Is it any wonder why I keep having this guy do work at my house??


  1. So, he's single, huh. Hm ... pity y'all don't live near me!

  2. He'd be a keeper as far as I can tell, NOLA...I agree that it's a pity!!!

  3. Seriously - those kind of skills, keeping his word, and being thoughtful about Petunia? Sounds like a great guy!


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