Thursday, May 28, 2015

Yeah, This Mama Was Crying Like A Baby

So, my boy?  The one who hasn't been able to hit the broad side of a barn with a baseball bat this spring?  TWO beautiful hits tonight, one run, and not one single strikeout.  Just about fell off the bleachers cheering after the first hit, much to the amusement of the other parents around me.  I did okay until the end of the game, but then the coach awarded him the game ball in the postgame huddle and that was all she wrote for me.  Cue the waterworks behind the dugout.  I could care less if the team wins or loses (they did win, for the record) but that poor kid has been trying so hard all season and not giving up and it made me SO happy to see things finally coming together for him.  Love that coach, too.  He's been nothing but supportive and encouraging all season.

Was talking to another mom after the game.  Her son is a year older than mine but had some of the same batting problems last year.  The kid didn't have a hit the *entire* season.  His last game, they were playing another team from our town, and he struck out in his last at-bat.  The coaches of the two teams looked at each other, and the opposing coach told his pitcher to keep the pitches coming, that they were going to keep throwing to that kid until he got a hit no matter HOW many pitches it took.  He did, the kid finally connected with the ball, and both teams lined up along the fences and cheered for him!  Wish I'd been there to see it...that is what youth sports should be all about.

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