Saturday, May 23, 2015

It's Official

We will soon have not one, not two, but THREE children playing travel soccer.  As in, one more child than there are parents and cars: this will make for some fun weekend scheduling.  The boys were already old hands at this--they're going into their fifth and third years respectively with this club--and courtesy of the tryouts last week, we now know that Petunia will be joining them come fall.  We surely don't need any more craziness, but it also isn't fair to penalize the youngest because she has busy and talented older siblings...she deserves her fair shot too.

As always, the issue boils down to how we distribute a limited amount of after-school activity time equitably between three children while also making sure that they have downtime and time to get their schoolwork done.  Anybody have a magic wand I can borrow??

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