Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Monday after school was absolutely insane.  Tuesday, likewise.  By last night I'd just had it, but was still looking down the barrel of a third day in a row of running like a crazy woman from place to place and feeding various kids dinner at athletic field snack shacks or from a paper bag in the car as their schedules dictated.  Out of desperation, I texted the kids' piano teacher around nine last night and told her that we were in dire need of an afternoon off today!  Thing Two still had an evening baseball game, but at least the kids could come home on the school bus, do their homework at the kitchen table and eat dinner at home before heading to baseball.  All of this sounds like so little to ask, but believe me, it's not to be taken for granted when things get busy.  And things are much busier now than they EVER have been before...we made a promise and we honored it, but hell itself will freeze over before we sign up for any more baseball.  Ahem.

Good thing we had the extra free time, as it happened.  Thing Two had math homework that was tougher than usual, and I had the time to sit with him and walk through it.  Then Petunia wanted to bake cupcakes, and today I had time.  That poor kid gets dragged all over hell's half acre for her brothers' activities, so it was the least I could do to bake with her when she asked.  It's one of her favorite things to do with me.  As a side note, that child is one of the sweetest little girls to ever walk the earth.  You know the mother's curse, the one that goes "I wish you have children JUST LIKE YOU!!"  I actually said that to her today, and meant it, but in the *good* way...I really hope she does have kids just like her.  She deserves them.

Thing Two's game started poorly for the team, and that child truly can't hit a bull in the ass with a baseball bat (odd given that his hand-eye coordination is generally very good), but he managed to get himself hit by a pitch and then scored a run a few batters later, so he was happy.  The team ended up winning, too.  Himself has a theory that he needs to start teaching the kid to lean in when he bats, since he's been hit three times this season and the team has won all three times.  :)

Oh well.  Had a glass of wine when I came home, threw in some of the ever-present laundry, and started the dishwasher.  All is calm and quiet here now and I am not a lunatic tonight, for which I am profoundly grateful!  I'll take my blessings when I can find them.  'Night, y'all...

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